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Having deployed business-specific ERP systems at many enterprises and SMEs, we at Focus P2P Track LLC has proven our expertise in developing and implementing industry-ready solutions with tailored features for businesses of all sizes, across diverse industries. We have successfully enabled organizations to have a seamless experience in managing all aspects of their business while navigating digital transformation to a new level From agile software development to custom software design, we are your one-stop solution. We provide custom software development services. You will receive a solution that is powered by cutting-edge technology. In addition, our custom solutions are not limited to one specific industry. We are serving customers from the healthcare, manufacturing, banking, and energy sectors. Our experts can provide you with the skillset and knowledge, you can always get in touch with our dedicated development team. Learn more about our cutting-edge tech.

Business Automation Solutions

We are a next level software design company and we are the best at outsourcing software solutions for our clients. Our teams will provide you with a seamless experience of software products. Our core focus is on creating an interface with attractive user experience. With our dedicated  team, you'll get quality customer service. 

Customer Relationship Management

Offering cloud-hosted CRM solutions with industry-specific features. This enables organizations to run extensive marketing campaigns, generate quality leads and close more sales.

Point of Sale

Whether you have a supermarket, lifestyle store, hypermarket, fast food shop or boutique outlet; our scalable, customizable and easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy POS solution will automate and manage all front counter operations.

Order Solutions

Get order management solutions for your company and get integration to your POS or any ERP. Also an App for your sales team to monitor all the distribution alerts and inventory management.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet requirements using our intelligent platform and enhance the performance of your vehicles and add value to your supply chain.

40+ Vertical Specific Solutions

From fleet tracking, manufacturing, complaint management and call center, to education management, field service management and order management, we offer over 40+ vertical-specific solutions to help you navigate digital disruption

Enterprise Resource Planning

Transform your business with highly scalable and robust ERP solutions. Get reliable business intelligence through insightful reports and advanced reporting systems to monitor entire spectrum of your business operations.