Bridging gaps between
sales + order + logistics with Sales Bridge 2.0

The gap between customers, the sales department, and logistics teams can lead to communication breakdowns, operational inefficiencies, and customer dissatisfaction. It's essential to bridge this gap to ensure a seamless experience for customers and optimize business operations. Here are some common issues and strategies to address the gap:


Sales Bridge 2.0

  • Sales Bridge 2.0 is a complete suite which is designed to enhance the collaboration between the sales department, logistic teams and the customer.
  • Sales Bridge consist of Order App which is used to receive instant orders from the customer and sales team App which is used for zonal manager or territory managers to seek all the insight in there designated areas with real time order movements.
  • The portal allows management to view the complete insight on fleet, trips, order status and complaint status using a single window.
  • Integrated Systems: Implement integrated software and systems that connect the sales department, logistics teams, and customer interactions. This ensures that data is consistent and up-to-date across the organization.
  • Technology Adoption: Embrace advanced technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and supply chain management software to streamline processes and enhance collaboration.
  • By implementing these strategies, organizations can minimize the gap between customers, the sales department, and logistics teams, leading to improved customer experiences, better operational efficiency, and increased profitability. Effective communication and collaboration are key to achieving these outcomes.

The Gaps between customer, sales, logistic

Miscommunication: Lack of effective communication between teams can result in incorrect order information, delivery delays, and inaccurate customer expectations.

Customer Expectations: Customer expectations may not align with the capabilities and commitments of the sales and logistics teams, leading to dissatisfaction.

Inventory Management: Inaccurate inventory data can lead to stockouts, backorders, or overstock situations, impacting both sales and logistics.

Order Processing: Sales teams might promise delivery dates or quantities that logistics teams cannot fulfill, leading to service issues.

Order management

Order management with product selection, balance information and complaint form

Sales App

Customer insight, inspection forms, stock recons, actual sales with target sales and document management

Fleet Tracking

Real time fleet tracking with integration to tracking device

Route Management

System shall decide the drop offs of the product to the client based upon road conditions

One Window

One window will allow management to review all the information on 1 screen

Document Management

Built in document management will provide the ease of handling the documents connected to customer profiles